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Thursday, October 11, 2018
We have reached the end of Learning to Love Math by Judy Willis! (affiliate links in post) I will announce the giveaway winner next Thursday when I introduce our next book study for professional development.  Since we have completed this book together and have worked on implementing its strategies, I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about what my favorites have been and what you, as readers, liked the most.

My favorite pieces are in Chapter 7 and 8 as I can relate best to them.  I get to teach my students about consumer math, hoping to make their lives better.  Many of my students have come from very poor homes that rely on welfare to survive.  I try to be their example of smart money management as I tell them about what I am doing to save money and live within my means.  I also as a special educator, set goals for each of my students so they can increase their skills and live a better, more functional life.

My readers found motivation strategies and connecting to real life as their favorites.  These are the strategies that have been implemented the most during the book study.  Now I want to hear your favorites, instead of just going with the collective whole.  I hope that you will enter the giveaway and join us as we continue on our professional development journey with our next book!


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