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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Catch up on the discussion so far with Learning to Love Math

Sometimes I get so burned out with all the SPED stuff I deal with that I like to delve a little more into best practices for the math classes and other classes that I teach.   I have decided to start a Thursday professional development reading series.  I will be starting out with Learning to Love Math by Judy Willis and each week I will discuss a chapter and some things that I would like to start to do in my classroom with that information.  I hope that you will chime in and discuss things you are already doing, things you will do, and read along with me!

I just have to say after reading the synopsis of this book (and even the title) I am excited to read this book!  My students in high school already have a bad taste in their mouth about math.  Mainly it's because, in the past, they haven't had enough time to properly learn the material and feel lost all the time.  I try to make math interesting and relatable to them and I am excited to start using these new strategies in my classroom.  Join me next Thursday for Chapter 1: Reversing Math Negativity with an Attitude Makeover.  You can find it for free here or buy it from Amazon (affiliate links in post) here.

At the end of the series, I will be giving away a copy of my next book study to the person that comments on the most series posts!  Included in the prize will also be our next book!

1. You must be a follower of my blog to be eligible for the prize.  If you aren't already, look to the right and follow by email.  This will keep you updated on new posts!
2. The person that comments on the most Thursday Reading Series blog posts during our discussion about Learning to Love Math will win this book and our next reading series book.
3. Only one comment per person per post will count (any extra comments will not count towards your total).
4. Comments will only be counted if they are submitted before the next Thursday when the next blog post is published.
5.  In the case of a tie, I will use a random winner generator to pick the winner.
6. Comment count starts with today's post!

Do your students love or hate math?  Comment below!


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