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Thursday, September 27, 2018
Welcome to Week 7 of our book study!  We have been diving into best practices in the mathematical world and changing the way we, as teachers, and our students think about math!  Chapter 7 in Learning to Love Math by Judy Willis discusses how to connect your lessons with the real world.

Have you ever been asked, "When will I ever use this?"  I bet you have, especially if you teach high school.  Honestly, sometimes I know that my students will not use what they are learning in the classroom so I always tell them that they are training their brain and learning how to problem solve effectively.  

Willis discusses how even simple things like incorporating something you have learned about a student, such as their favorite sports team, family name, etc, can peak interest in even the most mundane questions.  Students want to feel cared about, so get to know them.  Even ask them about their previous experiences in math and how you can better help them.

Brainstorm with your class.  I have my students identify ways they use math in their lives or in the job they would like to have.  This could help them realize the importance of certain topics you cover over the year.  Some examples have been with integers (money, temperative), measuring (construction, cooking), time (appointments, time clocks), money, unit price, percents (sales, interest), and graphs.  

Use found math ideas.  Bring in professionals that can talk about the math they use in their jobs.  Bring in fliers from grocery stores or ads from a retailer and make activities that go with them.  I favorite of mine is grocery budgeting and finding unit price. Incorporate holidays and special events such a Groundhog Day (probability), Presidents Day (money), or the Olympics (have students plan a budgeted trip).  Simulations are also a great idea.  Think of things like the stock market game or PHET simulations from the University of Colorado.

What real-life math will you incorporate in your class this week?  Let us know below for your chance to win the giveaway! 


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