Using I Have, Who Has in the Classroom

Saturday, October 27, 2018
There are some activities that can get even the quietest and disinterested students participating in your lesson.  I have, who has is one of those.  If promotes listening, cooperation, speaking in front of peers, and patience.  Today I want to explain two ways that I use I have, who has in my classroom.

The first way is the most generic and what most people think of when I say I have, who has.

  1. Hand out all the cards to your students so all are used.
  2. Pick one card to start with (or use the card that says start if that is included in the set).
  3. Have either yourself or the student read the card aloud while everyone is looking to see if they have the answer on their card.
  4. The person with the answer reads their entire card and everyone looks for the answer.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you are back to the beginning (or the card that says stop in certain sets)! 

This activity only works if everyone is listening, paying attention, and has a good grasp on the content.  To teach this game in my room I use a multiplication fact set so that most of the students can quickly figure out the answer.  This helps them get the procedure down and then we can move on to current topic sets.

The second way I use I have, who has in the classroom is as a center or group activity.
  1. A set of cards is given to the group or placed at the center.
  2. Students pick a card to start with, place it on the floor, then look through the pile for the answer.
  3. They place the card with the answer next to the first card, then look for the answer to the card they just put down.
  4. The cards should be placed angled as we want the last card to be next to the first card.
  5. If you have a set of cards that have a start and stop card, they can be placed in a line on the floor and not a circle.
Whichever way you use this in your classroom, your students are sure to get more practice than they realize, in a fun and low prep way!  If you are interested in some sets that I have created, click the store tab up top.  How have you used I have, who has in your classroom?


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