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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Let me preface this post with I have not had my own classroom in a few years and didn't realize how few materials I had to jazz up my room. I also teach students will all kinds of disabilities so I don't want to overwhelm anyone. This past week was our in-service with some work time. My work time however, was spent with my SPED teach divvying up our caseload and dealing with an aide shortage when another 1:1 student enrolled! I had very little time to prepare, but it is ready to go for the first day.

I found some fantastic free posters and decorated my room that way along with the traditional boards covered in paper. Take a look!

There are a lot of oddities like no shades(butcher paper was used to cover the windows overlooking the hallway) and the Smart Board covering half of my only whiteboard. My favorite part of my room is my green bulletin board. It signifies the changes that are happening in my room which is standards based grading and focusing on processes. I take no credit for any of the poesters. I found some free posters online and bought some great ones from TpT.


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