Math Warm-Ups

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This year I am getting back to warm-ups for my math classes.  I realized that I need that time myself to get everything together, whether I am just coming back from a meeting that ran late or just to have time to take attendance.  I decided that each day would have a theme to provide consistency for my students and myself.

Monday: Motivational Movie Clip.  I really want my students to think about what they need math for and how to use their brains to better their math skills.  This could even just be a pick me up to help them out on a Monday-an easy not stressful start to the week,

Tuesday: Tiling.  I really love tiling activities.  They incorporate logic and math practice all in one with manipulatives.  I cannot get enough manipulatives and my high schoolers love to use them.

Wednesday: Word Problems.  These will be real life word problems.  I want my students to see that real life is filled with math and that the scenarios they go through in their lives, at the store, at work, etc. are the same things we can learn about in math using word problems

Thursday: Throwback.  This will be a day to review anything I want to bring up again!

Friday: Facts.  This will be a day to practice our basic math facts.  Whether its a not-so-timed test (more on that another day) or practicing on, I want to work more on facts this year, which should also bolster my students math confidence if they feel better with their facts.

How do you start your math classes?  Comment below!


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