Choice Board Week

Saturday, January 16, 2016
This past week has been a transition week.  We had finished the chapter we were on but the semester still has one more week to go and I knew I would have new students joining my class and a few leaving.  I decided on a way they were still getting introduced to the new material with practicing other skills-a choice board.
Everyday I gave the students five activities they could choose from.  The rules were they had to choose at least two activities each day, be working the whole class period, and get each activity signed off on their sheet when they were done.  Each day I "ran" one of the activities that was used to introduce a new concept or it was quite involved an needed explaining.  Everyday I added new activities to the file holder I have (pictures to come) and introduced one of them to the students each day so they would know how to play and not ask a million questions when I was working at my activity.  My students work pretty well on their own and in groups so this worked out OK.  Some groups don't work as well together but that is to be expected.

Most of the activities that I have are free on TeachersPayTeachers, card games, or matching games.  One of the activities that many of my students tried was Mixed Up Multiplication Facts from Common Core Secondary Math.  They really loved it and some students worked more than one session to see if they could complete it (without a calculator).  This was truly awesome because my classroom is for special education and most of the students so not know their math facts and I was so exited they wanted to test their knowledge.  I may be incorporating more fact practice in my lessons.  You can find the activity here.


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