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Friday, September 11, 2015
I am officially a lover of Interactive Notebooks!  I in no way know what I am doing or if I am using it right but so far the kids are buying it. Since I have the same kids for two or three years it is good for me to change things up.  I knew this group liked to color and be artsy.  That meant they wouldn't mind the cutting and coloring part of the interactive notebooks.

I really wanted to use these to help the students learn to take notes.  Last year we took very few notes but since I ditched textbooks I wanted them to take more notes and actually reference them! The Interactive Notebook will make it more interesting to look back and help them figure out what they are struggling with.

One thing that I initially noticed is that I needed to change how they accessed the materials (glue, scissors, etc.)  so I came up with a solution-folders under desks!  The students have little metal racks attached to the underside of their chairs and I had some manila folders that only have a top opening.  I had the students put a glue, scissors, calculator, dry erase marker and eraser in each folder to keep under their desk.  Since two classes use the folders I have them check at the beginning and end of class to make sure they have all five items.  This way all the kids aren't fighting each other to get the best supplies first and it doesn't disrupt class and I save valuable instruction time.

My next challenge is to figure out exactly what I want them to do on the left side (student input) of the note page.  I need to research more ideas and then I will really get the ball rolling.

Some pages that I have already found and used are:
Order of Operations (GEMS)
Complete INB example
Another good starter link (great vocab idea)
Sarah Hagan's blog


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