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Monday, January 12, 2015
One thing that I have really been wanting to adapt to the high school level is the idea of stations! What a better way to differentiate and give that one-on-one attention?

I decided to give it a go in my pre-algebra class. This is a class in the resource room so it is small (about 8 students). This means that I have four stations.

M-math practice. This station usually consists of a practice worksheet. I have my students do this with the classroom instructional aide. This gets handed in and is differentiated based on student need/ability.

A-at your seat. offers a FREE program for students in K-8 grade. They take a few diagnostic tests and then the program or you the teacher can assign them assignments to work on in many different domains. I can track progress online and it lets me know what level they are performing at.

T-teacher lesson. Before each new unit starts, I have the students take a pre-test and the data it provides allows me to group students. I have one or two students with me for each lesson and this is also differentiated. Some groups don't get through as much and some groups far exceed my expectations. I use the SmartBoard for these lessons and have students take notes.

H-hands-on. This is my (and my students) favorite station! I always have a game or activity to go along with the unit. Teachers Pay Teachers has been a great resource for these activities.

Each station rotation takes two days. Over the two days the students complete all four stations. We have 52 minute periods so once we do bellwork and Scrabble Math Edition (that's for another post) we do two stations of about twenty minutes each.

I am hoping to have the guts to do this with my consumer math class soon but its a bigger class with no aide so I'm working out all the kinks.

This pre-algebra is loving the structure of the stations and they are not as anxious about coming to math as when we were using the book.


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